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Westminster Abbey / Mary Rose
These are exact copies of either the Westminster Abbey arrow, or specific examples of the Mary Rose collection. Not approximations but identical copies of arrows that I have examined, measured, weighed and replicated.

Basic Target Arrows
Spined and matched target arrows for bows under 70lb.

Plastic nocks, machined heads and only front binding on the feathers.

Basic Warbow Arrows
Matched tapered or parallel warbow arrows for bows over 70lb.

Self nocks with HDPE insert, machined heads and front fletching binding.

Deluxe Target Arrows
Full medieval style arrows, matched and spined for bows under 70lb.

Silk binding, horn inserts, hand forged heads.

Deluxe Warbow Arrows
Full medieval style arrows for warbows - over 70lb.

Tapered or parallel shafts, silk binding, horn inserts, hand forged heads.

Authentic Medieval Arrows
Fully authentic arrows, based on museum artefacts with no modern tools, equipment or materials involved.

Silk binding, cow horn inserts, hide glues and verdigris fletching compounds, goose or swan feathers and hand forged heads.

Authentic Viking Arrows
Copies of Nydam, Hedeby or Valsgarde arrows.

Pine pitch glues, carved nocks, goose or swan feathers, hemp binding and hand forged heads.

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Long Type 10 - £9
Type 14 - £20
Type 13 - £15
MoL Type 7 - £9
Crossbow Bolt Head - £9
Swaged M2 "Tudor" - £10
MoL Type 14 - £10
MoL Type 9 - £12
Short Type 10 - £8
MoL Type 8 - £8
MoL Type 7 - £9
Straight Type 16 - £16
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