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Exciting commission

This is the start of a very exciting commission for author and expert on the Vendel period, Matt Bunker.

Hand planed aspen shafts - 6mm in diameter, with bulbous nocks. Second pic shows them against a "normal" arrow shaft for comparison.

6-7mm shafts reduced down to the nock area, and the bulbous nocks shaped.

At such tiny diameter they're pretty tricky, but they now have the fletching glue applied (pine pitch) and the four fletchings bound on with fine hemp in an X formation.

Obviously they are yet to be cut to shape, and the pitch needs to be reheated to allow it to soak into the hemp and lock everything in place.

Fletched, bound, cut to the Jufvonna fletching profile and the pine pitch reheated.

Decoration next, and then the not so fun task of forging 5.5mm socketed heads...

The prototype, and the final design for the Valsgarde arrowheads

Decorations carved and painted with iron oxide mixed into thin fish glue using a goose feather paintbrush.

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