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Museum commission

Set of arrows commissioned by Buckingham Gaol Museum for an exhibition on the 100 Years War over the summer. They will be accompanied by a heavy yew Mary Rose replica bow and some extra heads for people to handle and see up close.

All four arrows are of black poplar (Populus nigra) and are tapered to the exact measurements of Mary Rose arrow MR82A1892/9. This gives them a two-stage taper with a 1/2" shoulder and a nock around 8mm.

The nocks are split with a blade, and fitted with paper-thin strips of blonde cow horn.

The fletchings are white swan primary feathers, bound with red silk into a compound of wax, tallow and copper verdigris.

The four heads are all of wrought iron, and are a heavy Type 9, a Type 7, a Type 8 and a Type 16 with forge-welded steel barbs.

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