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Westminster Abbey and Mary Rose replica arrows ready for heads.

The Westminster arrow specs are taken from Hardy and Pratt's article written in 1975 (thanks to Jeremy Spencer) and the arrow is made of aspen (Populus tremula) with deep red fletching compound, tapered horn insert and goose fletching bound with dark brown silk. The head will be a small Type 16.

The Mary Rose arrow is a replica of AZ472/19 as specified by Warbow Wales and is a black poplar shaft (Pop. nigra) with swan fletchings bound with red silk into a pale yellow compound. Although the green verdigris compound is more associated with Mary Rose arrows, of all the ones that I've handled and examined none had traces of green colour in the glue. The head will be an M2 variant.

Both arrows are for Phil Kearey to use for record status flight shoots with Warbow Wales.

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