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Back by popular demand, the perfect gift for yourself or somebody you know.


This workshop course will teach you the basic skills, information and fundamental practical knowledge to forge your own medieval military arrowheads.


Starting right from the forge itself, you'll learn how to control and manage your fire, how to select your material and how to perform the basic hammer skills required and end up forging historically accurate medieval bodkins - to extant museum finds, not just "arrowhead shaped objects"


If time allows, we will also run through working with wrought iron and compare it to working with modern steel, and you will have the opportunity to take home an iron bodkin as well.


The workshop will take place in my 1820s forge on the edge of the New Forest, and you'll be working on a traditional brick hearth with a charcoal and coal forge powered by original 1800s bellows.  Every arrowhead you make will go home with you, so we can make them to any size and weight you require if you plan to be shooting them as well.


Book now and I will be in contact to discuss dates.  


Hope to see you soon!

Arrowsmithing Course

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