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These are fully authentic late Medieval military arrows, with no modern materials or processes used in the construction.  From historically correct glues and locally sourced horn and feathers right down to the hand forged arrowheads, these are as accurate as it's possible to get.  If you're looking for arrows that would suit the Agincourt time period, this is your arrow!


Long 7" fletchings are bound with silk into verdigris compound, with a tapered cow horn nock and hand forged bodkin.


These are not spined arrows, as they are hand planed from split timber to follow the profile of extant Mary Rose arrows.  They will shoot well from bows of 130lb upwards.


Please specify which bodkin you'd like, and your draw length.  Please note the arrowheads are steel, not iron.  The "Medieval Mythbusting Arrow" has an iron arrowhead.

15th Century Military Arrow

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