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This is a carefully reproduced Mary Rose arrow - not an approximation or a guess, but an arrow copied directly from my own detailed examinations of the originals in storage.  From the length of the fletchings to the diameter of the shaft, this will be identical to an arrow that was made and stored on Henry VIII's Flagship in 1545.


The dimensions are from a specific Mary Rose Museum catalogued arrowshaft, but the arrow can be built with two sets of options.


You can choose to have a pale yellow wax and fat fletching compound as most of the arrows in the museum do, or a green verdigris-infused compound which is what they may have looked like when freshly made in the 1540s.


You can also choose to have your arrows fitted with a late medieval Jessops M2 "Tudor Bodkin" or a Museum of London Type 16 barbed head, which the only surviving arrowhead from the Mary Rose appeared to be, due to the barb exposed from the otherwise concreted head.  

Mary Rose Replica Arrow

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