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In 1878, a medieval military arrow was found lodged in one of the turrets of Henry V's Chantry in Westminster Abbey, London.


This slender yet incredibly stiff arrow, subtly barrelled for maximum distance and fitted with a small barbed military arrowhead has been the subject of many studies and is often reproduced to varying standards of accuracy.


The reproduction I offer is based on extensive research and collaboration with the curators of the museum in which the arrow is held.


With long, low fletchings bound into a dark red wax and fat compound, a forge-welded barbed head and delicate 7.5mm nock fitted with a thin cow horn reinforcing strip this arrow shoots exceptionally well from bows between 130lb and 160lb.




Dating - 1437 - 1450

Arrowhead - Forge-welded barbed military LMMC Type 16 or Jessop M3

Arrowshaft timber - Poplar

Arrowshaft profile - Westminster Abbey

Original draw length - 736mm (28.9")

Nock - Tapered horn insert

Bindings - Silk

Glue - Red wax, fat and oxide compound

Westminster Abbey

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