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Corfe Castle Arrowheads

I've been working with The National Trust and Corfe Castle recently, to reproduce a full set of the arrowheads that have been recovered from directly inside the castle walls.

As a local to Corfe Castle, this has been a very exciting little project, and I will be writing a paper on the heads and their construction to be published soon.

Each arrowhead has been forged from wrought iron in order to ensure the weight matches the originals as closely as possible, and this photo shows the full set (including a number of duplicates) before any grinding and polishing takes place.

Of particular interest is the tri-blade bodkin at the bottom, and the enormous needle/heavy war bodkin hybrids. The set also includes a H1 hunting head, an M3 forge-welded warhead, a stunning big Type 14 and some more common Type 9 military bodkins.

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