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All 12 completed

Ok, fletching all done on these!

Recap - all 12 arrows are made of Populus Nigra (black poplar) as per the original Mary Rose arrows. They all have tapered cow horn nock inserts glued into split (not sawn) slots with Isinglass (fish glue).

The shafts are all hand planed to the size of MR82A1892/9 giving them a shoulder diameter of 1/2", a dramatic initial taper down to around 11mm and then a steady taper to a 7mm nock.

Six are replicas of Mary Rose arrow MR82A1892/9 fletched with goose over a compound of beeswax, pine resin and tallow. The binding is undyed silk.

Six are more general late medieval and have a compound with much less wax and more resin, plus the copper verdigris giving the green colour. The binding on these are red silk.

Heads next!

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