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Buckingham Old Gaol Museum Warbow

The Buckingham Old Gaol Museum 160lb bow is now up for sale!

This is an English yew copy of Mary Rose bow MR80A0451, made to identical measurements as the original for display at the Buckingham Old Gaol Museum, as part of their "Buckingham 1369" exhibition this summer. The bow was displayed alongside a number of my arrows and heads, and a beautiful example of a sidenock made by Dave Pim.

This bow was originally around 130lb as it was made using very fresh timber, and has now gone up to 160lb at 30".

Each limb is tipped with Tudor sidenocks made from local Dorset cowhorn, and the arrowpass is a simple mark of three chevrons, as per the original.

This is a unique opportunity to own a museum display piece, as well as a very nice copy of an original Tudor military bow.


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