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Crecy Museum Bow & Arrows

Well here it is! The culmination of many months of work, for the fantastic Crecy museum. ______

Five heavy birch military arrows with Type 9 war bodkins, and six ash arrows with a variety of heads from the time period - Type 8 bodkins, Type 7 bodkins and Type 14 broadheads. ______

Each arrow has a 1/2" head and 8mm nock, fitted with tapered horn inserts glued with hide glue. The swan fletchings are bound with red silk into a beeswax, tallow and copper verdigris mixture and the hand forged heads are glued with fish glue. ______

The bow is a heavy English yew warbow copied from Mary Rose bow MR80A1142 and although not tillered as its just a display piece, the other copies of the same bow I've made using similar timber have been between 110lb and 145lb. ______

The bow has medieval sidenocks of dark New Forest cow horn and the bowstring is a hemp fibre Flemish string of 1.7mm thickness, laid into a fish glue. ______

The bow and arrows can be seen in person at the Museé de Crécy-en-Ponthieu

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