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The Big One!

Here they are folks! The first 16 of a huge set of arrows ready for filming more experimental archaeology tests with the brilliant @todsworkshop

These are 12mm English ash arrowshafts, hand planed down to 9mm at the nock.

The nocks are split with a blade and fitted with tapered horn inserts, glued with fish glue.

Long low profile fletchings are bound with silk into my deep red "Plantagenet" medieval glue of various waxes and animal fats.

31" from the nock are my hand forged wrought iron Type 9 bodkins, an exact dimensional copy of Museum of London Object A5698, which itself was forged from iron in the 14th Century and measures 71mm in length, with an 11mm socket.

These will be shot from a 160lb self yew bow by the sensational Joe Gibbs.

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